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Welcome to the Perfect Money Dice Roller Game. The game is very easy to play and eveyone can win up to 600% what they bet

Choose a Dice num from 1 to 6.
Bet your choose via PM.
There is 3 dice rolling, you earn 200% each rolling if the number match your choose, total can up to 600% for 3 times rolling.
Winning amount sent to your Perfect Money account instantly.

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• PM Dice Roller Game Referral
• Refer new players to our game and get 5% of bet of your referrals. Paid instantly and automatically to your Perfect Money account.

• Use your own referral link
Replace 'id' with your PM account number. You can not refer yourself!
• For example, if your Perfect Money account number is U123456, use the address:
• You are paid 5% of every bet amount for every player who has used that address to visit and play the game on our site. No questions asked from anyone.

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